Stereology Microscopes

Stereology is a method based on geometry and statistics to provide quantitative data i.e. on cell numbers stained by a marker. By applying stereology, stainings are sampled random and systematically to obtain unbiased data. Thereby, stereology has helped to detect many fundamental scientific errors arising from the misinterpretation of plane sections and is considered as gold standard in biology.

Widefield Stereology Setup

Widefield Stereology Setup

This setup is a stereology setup on a brightfield microscope with the Stereo Investigator software from MicroBrightField. The microscope is a fully motorized upright frame from Nikon equipped with a sensitive black and white as well as a color camera. The setup is best suited for brightfield or fluorescence (no colocalization) stereological investigations with all common stereological procedures (i.e. optical disector or cavalieri)

Spinning Disk Stereology Setup

Spinning Disk Stereology Setup

The spinning disk stereology setup is a fully motorized upright microscope from Olympus equipped with the Olympus disk spinning unit (DSU), a color camera and a light sensitiv EM-CCD camera. The Stereo Investigator software from MicroBrightField allows to perform all common stereological procedures (i.e. optical disector or cavalieri) for brightfield and fluorescence. Fluorescence can be analyzed with the DSU to generate quasi confocal images and thus allowing for co-localization analysis. The setup can also be used for standard (non stereological) confocal imaging experiments.


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