Automated Screening Platform

State-of-the-art automated screening platform consisting of more than thirty different instruments under cleanroom (ISO-5) containment level. The platform can be used for fully automated multi parametric image-based assay (live and end-point assays) and all types of common biochemical and homogenous cellular assay approaches.
Two robotic arms enable the movement of different labware to all implemented instruments:         

  • Motoman HP3JC – that is mounted on a central rail, capable of complex motions, with plate shuffle and gripper system.
  • Universal Robot UR5 – 6-axis robot arm with microplate gripper.

Automated screening platform is controlled through the graphical Run-time interface SAMI Workstation EX Software (Beckman Coulter) that enables method editing, schedule optimization, dynamic rescheduling and tip tracking. All runs of the screening platform are tracked and stored in the DART (Data Acquisition and Reporting Tool; Beckman Coulter) database.

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