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Preclinical NMR imaging for Life Science Research

Small animal MRI Facility - SAMRI is the platform for non-invasive in vivo imaging of rodents and data processing. SAMRI facility provides sequences for anatomical, functional and metabolic imaging (MRI/MRS) and fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging technologies for applications in basic and applied neurosciences, preclinical and drug discovery studies.

SAMRI is equipped with an ultra-high field 11.7T MRI system (Bruker Biospin) along with various imaging coils and cryoprobe. The facility has two IVIS Lumina II systems for quantitative fluorescent and bioluminescent imaging. The facility also provides software for post-processing and data analysis.

SAMRI Services

We offer access to the platform for you to pursue non-invasive in vivo imaging projects after training and also provide consultancy services to level up your research project. SAMRI operates on a fee for service model. Booking of instruments and assistance is possible with MARIE Platform.

Animal Imaging Tools are offered at a cost. Booking is available in MARIE Platform.

  • Bruker Biospec 11.7T small animal MRI
  • IVIS Lumina II
  • ParaVision 7.0 for MR image and data analysis
  • Living Image software for IVIS data analysis


Our consultancy services include:

  • MR study and protocol design
  • Sequence development
  • MR acquisitions
  • Training for independent MR experiments
  • Data analysis
  • IVIS Lumina II imaging and image analysis


In vivo non-invasive imaging technologies in detail:


  • Bruker Biospec 11.7T small animal MRI
  • Cryoprobe
  • 1H mouse brain resonator (72 mm)
  • 1H rat brain array coil
  • 1H volume coil
  • 1H Planar surface coil
  • Rat and mouse Beds
  • Small animal monitoring system (SA instruments Inc.) to monitor respiration, temperature and ECG during experiments. This can also be used for triggering and gating during cardiac studies.
  • Table-top gas anesthesia system (Isoflurane)

In vivo fluorescence

  • IVIS Lumina II imaging system
  • Integrated gas anesthesia system (Isoflurane)


MRI can be used for:


  • Neuro imaging 
    • Anatomical imaging for morphometry, volumetry, phenotyping and lesion detection
    • Parametric evaluation (e.g., iron load in Parkinson’s disease model, neuroinflammation)
    • Diffusion weighted Imaging and fiber tractography for white matter integrity
    • MR spectroscopy for inflammation and brain metabolite concentration
  • Whole body imaging
  • Spinal cord imaging
  • Cardiac imaging

Tissue imaging

Cellular imaging

  • Cell migration tracking (with labelling)
  • Cell culture imaging

IVIS Lumina:

Quantitative fluorescence imaging 

Bioluminescence imaging

Becoming a SAMRI user

  1. Contact Hardik Doshi
  2. Discuss the project and requirements
  3. Agree and sign user rules
  4. Depending on the background, user might need an introduction.

Schedule an introduction at samri(at)  (+49 0228 43302-544).

Terms of Use and Prices

General terms of use for core facilities.

For pricing information, please contact Hardik Doshi.

Group Members






Carmen Rudert

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 Hardik DoshiService Leader SAMRI - Small Animal MRI Facilityhardik.doshi(at)

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