Accessory equipment

The LMF can provide various accessory equipment such as:

  • different commercial and self built head holders for intra vital mouse and rat imaging.
  • Micro-manipulators with stage adapters for most of our microscopes.
  • small animal surgery equipment (stereotactic apparatus with various adapters, stereo microscope, dental drill, various heating pads, set of dissection instrumentation, dry sterilizer, isofluran narcotization system, and small animal puls oximeter).
  • Single-cell Electroporator. The single-cell electroporator is a micropipette-based system that uses voltage pulses to cause the transient formation of membrane pores through which impermeant molecules and/or ions can enter the cell. The mechanism is the same as that used for bulk electroporation of suspended cells. However, it offers the advantage to target individual cells in cell culture, brain slice preparations and even in live animals. Furthermore, the single-cell electroporator needs only minute volumes for electroporation.
  • Stand alone incubation chambers for heat and CO2 control. For example:


    • Harvard Apparatus (PDMI-2),
    • Pecon (Heating Insert P and CO2 cover),
    • Okolab (heated chamber for Prior piezo Z stage insert with CO2 cover),
    • IBIDI (heating system 8 with CO2 incubation unit I), and
    • Luigs&Neumann (temperature controlled PCT-mini chamber).


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