Light Microscope Facility (LMF)

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Fried
Head of Light Microscope Facility
 +49 228 43302-894

The Light Microscope Facility (LMF) runs and maintains up to date equipment based on light microscopes. The LMF operates on a cost recovery basis were systems as well as technical support can be booked. We currently have more than 25 different advanced microscope systems with a variety of accessory equipment like environmental chambers, fully equipped small animal operation tables or micromanipulators. The LMF personnel have a wide-area scientific and technical background to ideally support your experiments. External users are welcome.

Software and Assistant booking (DZNE only)


Terms of Use and Prices

Become a LMF User

  1. Contact Dr. Hans Fried
  2. Personal meeting with LMF staff to discuss the project (biological question, sample preparation, and data analysis) and to explain the booking/charging system.
  3. Agree and sign the rules.
  4. Depending on your background and the planed experiments you might need a theoretical introduction.
  5. Introduction to the hard- and software. Depending on your background a second or even a third training session might be necessary.

Group Members






Carmen Rudert

Office Assistant
+49 228 43302-685

Dr.Hans-Ulrich FriedHead of Light Microscope
Dr.Ireen KönigWissenschaftliche
Dr.Sanjeev Kumar KaushalyaWissenschaftlicher
Dr.Kevin KüpperWissenschaftlicher


Donnerstags 13.30-16.30 Uhr

Für Patienten 0800-7799001


Für Ärzte 01803-779900

(9 Cent/Min. dt. Festnetz, mobil evtl. teurer)

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