Occupational health management at the DZNE

Your health is important to us

The DZNE's employees, like workers everywhere, spend a good portion of their lives in the workplace. And if the DZNE is to be successful and competitive, it needs to help its staff stay motivated, highly capable – and healthy. The DZNE’s occupational health management provides a framework for achieving that aim.

The DZNE's programs for promoting employee health and fitness include numerous general and site-specific programs. In the framework of regular "health days", for example, the DZNE offers a diverse portfolio of health-/fitness-oriented modules and special presentations (such as presentations on back health). Other sites participate via videoconference whenever possible. In addition, employees at the DZNE site Bonn, the organization's largest site, have access to a company cafeteria that serves a variety of meals, including seasonal specialties.

The DZNE encourages its employees to integrate exercise within their working days. To this end, the DZNE offers a "Brain and Body fit" program (for an "active break") that helps employees take time to exercise during their working hours in their office or laboratory. Also, a number of colleagues organize runners' groups that meet regularly, and DZNE employees regularly participate in the Deutsche Post Bonn Marathon.

The DZNE's efforts in the area of operational integration management also need to be highlighted. Where employees have to take long periods of sick leave, due to illness or other health problems, the DZNE assists them in re-integrating back into their work life.

Also, the DZNE's health management strategies include working closely with an in-house medical service.

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