Diversity at DZNE

At the DZNE, we aim to use the full potential of society and research to understand neurodegenerative diseases, decipher their causes and develop therapies. To ensure cutting-edge research for this grand challenge, multiplicity is essential and diversity-sensitive collaboration is a major concern.

Diversity at the DZNE means an open culture where everyone feels comfortable and a sense of belonging in his/her/its uniqueness. In this context, our interdisciplinarity and our decentralized setup are just as much a sign of diversity as our mixed age structure, balanced gender ratio, high internationality, and a focus on work-life balance and individual health.

Inclusion and the creation of a diversity-sensitive culture are tasks for the organization and all its members in everyday life. Thus, anchoring in all organizational sections as well as in all actions and expressions must be aimed for. Concrete measures can support and simplify this.


Our diversity in action:

Organization language: English and German

Gender: 66% Female scientists

Health: Inclusion, BGM and Mental Health are firmly anchored

5 Research areas: from basic principles to patient care.

International: Colleagues from over 65 nations

10 Sites distributed throughout Germany

Guests: Students, scholarship holders and other visiting scientists

Age: Offers for trainees to pension entrants






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