DZNE – Longitudinal Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Study

Background and aims

One of the important aims of research into Alzheimer's is to find ways of detecting the disease early – if at all possible, as soon as the first minor symptoms appear, or even before any symptoms at all have appeared. Such detection capabilities are the necessary basis for development of therapies that can be applied at such early stages in the disease. Recent research indicates that such therapies could be more effective than therapies initiated during the disease's later stages. Over a period of several years, the DELCODE study is studying persons in early stages of the disease, along with various risk groups. The research is aimed at the development of procedures for characterizing early stages of the disease, at improving prediction of the course of the disease and at identifying new markers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's-related dementia.


DELCODE included a total of 1,000 study participants, who are examined on a yearly basis. The group of participants includes persons with no complaints (healthy control subjects), patients with slight memory impairment or mild dementia and first-degree relatives of patients with diagnosed Alzheimer's disease. The minimum age for participants at enrollment was 60.

Course of the study

The examinations in the framework of the study includes a comprehensive interview carried out by a study investigator, a detailed neuropsychological examination (testing of memory functions and other areas of cognitive performance), a blood test and a cranial MRI scan. Optionally, subject to the study participant's consent in each case, a lumbar puncture (collection of cerebrospinal fluid) is carried out.

A full set of information about the study can be downloaded here (in German only): Flyer DELOCDE

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Frank Jessen
Start of the study: 2014
Status: multi centric, ongoing, recruiting completed

Study Coordination / Project Management

Dr. Nina Roy-Kluth
+49 228 43302-839
+49 228 43302-812


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