Frank Jessen
Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease
Prof. Dr. Frank Jessen
Cooperation Unit Leader Cologne
Kerpenerst. 62
50924  Köln
 +49 221 478-4010

Areas of investigation/research focus

Frank Jessen’s focuses on early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in patients. A particular focus is on clinical and neuropsychological assessment as well as on MR-imaging. Frank Jessen is leading international initiatives to conceptualize very first signs of AD, such as subjective cognitive decline (SCD). In that context, he is the coordinator of the multisite DELCODE study of the DZNE. Within DELCODE, patients from memory centers are sampled and followed longitudinally with the aim of improving disease course prediction and of developing new disease markers. Together with Michael Wagner, he is heading the clinical and neuropsychological assessment core of the DZNE clinical research section.

He is also strongly engaged in clinical trials in AD and he is the main author of the German guidelines on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of dementia.

He serves on several boards, including the steering committee of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC), the National Institute in Aging-Alzheimer’s Association (NIA-AA) working group for the development of the criteria of Alzheimer’s disease and on the ISTAART advisory council.

Key Publications

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