Randomized, double-Blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of BHV-3241 in subjects with multiple system atrophy

Multisystem atrophy (MSA) is a rare disease affecting the nervous system and affecting motor function, balance and coordination, blood pressure, heart rate, sexual function, digestion and excretion.

Daily activities for self-sufficiency can be more difficult for the affected persons and their families. The symptoms can make the affected persons feel that they are losing their independence.

Our team of doctors is investigating a study drug that was developed to suppress an enzyme called myeloperoxidase (MPO), which is believed to cause inflammation and damage to neurons in the brain of patients with multisystem atrophy.

The main purpose of the study is to find out whether the drug slows down the progression of the disease.

Status: recruiting completed.

Further information on this clinical research study is available here:

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