Care Structures

Dr. Bernhard Holle

Areas of investigation/research focus

With a methodological focus on the area of health services research, the research group picks up on current and anticipated issues of organizing the care of people with dementia and provides scientific results that are of high practical relevance.

The substantial issues of the research group Care Structures are:

  • What is the contribution of the health care structures for people with dementia and their relatives regarding their needs, demands and stability of the care arrangement?
  • How can health care structures be designed and developed in order to make a targeted contribution to the care of people with dementia and to supporting their families and relatives?

Besides the adjustment to the demands and needs of people with dementia and their families, there are more factors of crucial importance for the structural configuration of health care services. Important factors for the configuration of appropriate care services in their respective settings are: legal and economic parameters, organizational standards, interdisciplinary cooperation and the dementia-specific skills of the professions.

To focus on the two substantial issues, different research projects were established in the last years. For the Future it is planned two focus on different aspects in two major projects which are named :


  • SoCA - Stability of care arrangements for people living with dementia:

Abgeschlossene Teilprojekte:

Laufende Teilprojekte:

Assoziierte Projekte:

  • BeStaDem (Realist Evaluation of Dementia Special Care Units)

  • PeVA-Dem (Development of a dementia-specific nurse-led care model for German nursing homes)

  • G-EAT (BeStaDem - German Environmental Audit Tool)

  • e-Dem-Connect

  • MoNoPol-Sleep: Multi-modal, non-pharmacological intervention for sleep disturbances in nursing home residents with dementia: a cluster-randomized controlled exploratory trial


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