Health Care Research

Ways to maintain quality of life

The best possible treatment for patients is the focus of health care research. A characteristic of neurodegenerative diseases is their progressive course: The disease progresses more and more, so that different and additional care and medical aspects have to be taken into account in each phase. Enabling a satisfactory quality of life in each of these phases - that is the overarching goal of health care research, and the scientists have both the patients and the caring relatives in mind.

In their research, they are working on many projects for this. In one of them, they have tested what good care can look like in concrete terms: They for example trained "Dementia Care Managers" - experts who network closely with the respective family doctor, nursing services, relatives and other participants. In this way, they manage to better coordinate the offers of help and thus provide relief. Thanks to their help, the living situation of people with dementia and their relatives improves.

Many experiences from this and other projects are now being incorporated into special support networks and even into the Care Act so that patients from all over Germany can benefit from them.

Health services research is based at the DZNE sites Rostock/Greifswald and Witten.

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