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Aim of the DZNE Witten is the development and research of health care strategies for people with dementia.

In the Witten concept of dementia care the perspective of the person with dementia is central. Therefore, care interventions in the long run always focus on the person with dementia and how he or she might feel even with decreased or without the ability to express own feelings. The main goal to be reached is a satisfying quality of life in spite of a progressively deteriorating chronic disease at all stages of the disease.

Therefore not only direct interventions are to be focused but also structures which support this aim. Since the fundament of an adequate health care is a broad and current knowledge as well as effective methods of implementing innovations knowledge circulation and implementation research is also emphasized at the DZNE Witten.

The care for people with dementia and the support of their families is a central challenge for the healthcare system of the future. Due to demographic changes, an increase in the prevalence of dementia is to be expected. New research-based healthcare concepts that improve the situation of people with dementia, despite the precarious future prospects of care, are urgently required.

In addition to the nursing and medical perspective, an adequate social and psychological view is urgently needed for suitable healthcare concepts. A special perspective of growing relevance is that of the patients and of their families.

The DZNE Witten is interdisciplinary and divided into four closely related research groups with different priorities: Care Structures, Care Interventions, Implementation and Dissemination Research and Methodology in Care Research. As a comprehensive research topic, the much neglected perspective of the patients, especially at the beginning of their illness, is brought into focus.

Furthermore, the demographic change not only poses a major challenge to healthcare because of the expected higher prevalence of dementia, but also because of the decreasing number of staff. Here, innovative concepts are needed that promote human resources and provide technical support.
Based on the needs and demands of patients and the demographic situation, we will derive new research objectives and answer questions, in order to develop sustainable strategies. This requires a resource-oriented and tailored, individual approach, which requires innovative research methods. Therefore, the DZNE Witten meets manifold methodological challenges that arise from the complexity of the research subject.

The following research questions guide the project development:

  • Which psychosocial interventions are effective in dealing with the effects of dementia?
  • Which research methods are most appropriate to examine psychosocial interventions?
  • What can healthcare structures contribute to care and the quality of life of people with dementia and their families, taking into account their requirements and needs?
  • How can healthcare structures be shaped and developed in order to make a purposeful contribution to the care of people with dementia and the support of their families?
  • How can scientific findings and innovations for the care of people with dementia be transferred to the respective target groups?
  • How can practical problems in healthcare be evaluated, translated into research questions and scientifically approached?

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