Laboratory Head

Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolbers


Anett Kirmeß

Research Scientist / Principal Investigator

Nadine Diersch

Postdoctoral Researchers ​

Ruojing Zhou
+49 397 67245-40

Vladislava Segen

PhD Candidates

Matthieu Bernard

Tuğçe Belge
+49 391 67245-85

Software Development

Ashar Imtiaz

Ravi Mallikarjun Chennaboina


Alumni of the Wolberslab have moved on to prestigious positions both in academia and in industry:​

Maayan Merhav (now Postdoc at Technion)
Esther Kühn (now Group Leader at Institute for Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research (IKND), Medical Faculty of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)
Martin Riemer (now group leader at TU Berlin)
Paula Vieweg (now Postdoc at Leipzig University)
​Xiaoli Chen​ (now Assistant Professor at Zhejiang University)
Jonathan Shine (now Data Scientist)
Matthias Stangl (now Postdoc at UCLA)
Jose Pedro Valdes Herrera (now Data Scientist at Statice)
Sebastian Weiss (now Research Scientist at OFFIS)
​​Michael Smith (now Academic Fellow at Sheffield University)
Mario Borja Perez (now UX Researcher at Adaptavist)

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