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- Viral Infections Could Promote Neurodegeneration

Symbolic image of a virus

Some viral diseases could possibly contribute to neurodegeneration. DZNE researchers report this in the scientific journal “Nature Communications” on the basis of laboratory experiments.

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- Award for Cambridge Neuroscientist

Portrait Goeddert

Michel Goedert is honored for his groundbreaking research on the molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases.

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- In Neurodegenerative Diseases, Brain Immune Cells Have a “Ravenous Appetite” for Sugar

Symbolic image of the human brain

The Interpretation of Certain Brain Scans Needs Rethinking – Study in „Science Translational Medicine“

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- Researchers Find Warning Signs for Dementia in the Blood

Symbolic image of blood tubes

Levels of Certain microRNAs Indicate Risk for Cognitive Decline.

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- „Tuning“ for Brain Scanners

Symbolic image of a brain scan.

DZNE coordinates international research project on Ultra-High Field MRI.

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- How Environmental Factors Could Provide for a Young Brain

Symbol image of a DNA.

Study in “Nature Communications” on epigenetic mechanisms in the hippocampus.


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- Smart Biomarkers to Empower Drug Development for Brain Diseases

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Dresden Researchers Awarded Prestigious Funding by the Helmholtz Association to Validate a Novel Approach that Combines Neuroelectronics and Artificial Intelligence.

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- Alzheimer’s: U.S. Regulatory Authority Approves Use of “Aducanumab” on the Condition of Further Studies

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Statement by Prof. Pierluigi Nicotera, Scientific Director and Chairman of the DZNE’s Executive Board.


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- AI with Swarm Intelligence

Cover of “Nature”

Publication in „Nature“: Researchers led by DZNE analyze medical data with a novel artificial intelligence technology. Collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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- Studies on “Long COVID”

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DZNE researchers look into the long-term effects of an infection with the coronavirus.

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