Each participating institution receives an individual score report. The basis for the reports are the evaluations of the resident's data, which is porttrayed on the level of the living areas as well as for each participating resident.

At the level of living areas a summary calculation of prevalence of selected parameters is applied or the representation of relative abundances as well as a total score using the median.

At the level of the inhabitants evaluation is performed seperately for each resident using graphical representations, as well as the used sum of scores. A comparison with previous values is possible with residents taking part repeatedly.

An evualation is carried out for the paramters

  • care dependency
  • quality of life
  • demetia screening
  • challenging behavior

The preparation of the report is automated using a Microsoft® Access 2010 Database (DB). The facilities received the report about 8 weeks after completion of data collection. 

See below a German example report of the dementia screening and quality of life.


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