BeStaDem - Rapid Realist Review

Dementia special care for people in nursing homes – a Rapid Realist Review

Project Overview

Duration:2016 – 2018
Funding:DZNE Witten
Project Management:Dr. Bernhard Holle
Project Coordination:Dr. Rebecca Palm
Project Staff:--

Background and Project Aims

Much information can be found in the literature about dementia special care in nursing homes and possible outcomes for long term care residents and their caregivers. But none of these give answers to the questions about how the efficacy possibly varies as a result of the particular mechanisms and contextual factors. Consequently, existing studies and reports are to be interrogated to create an abstract model of how and why programs work – or do not work (initial program theory).

The aim of the project BeStaDem – Rapid Realist Review is the development of context-mechanism-outcome (CMO)-configurations and an initial program theory that gives explanations to the configurations.


The initial program theory and the CMO-configurations are to be developed with the help of a rapid realist review. The base of the RRR are systematically identified empirical studies and grey literature. Content experts are involved at several steps of the iterative review process to make sure pertinent literature is included and the outcome of the review is relevant to the anticipated knowledge users.

Expected Outcomes and Impact of the Study

With the help of this rapid realist review we expect to be able to develop an initial program theory based on what relevant literature in the field of DSCUs explains about the context-mechanism-outcome-configuration. This initial theory serves as a base for further development, testing and refinement of a program theory. This can support nursing home providers and policy makers in their evidence based decision making process regarding the development of dementia special care.


Dr. Bernhard Holle
Group Leader
Stockumer Str. 12
 +49 2302 926-241

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