Corona and cognition

The effects of restrictions caused by the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 on cognitive health and dementia prevention

Background and aims

This study investigates the effects of social, emotional and occupational changes due to the restrictions caused by the coronavirus SARS-Co-V2 on cognition and prevention of mental decline. Cognition comprises the sum of all processes related to perception and recognition. Priority will be given to research on age differences. In addition, personality factors and psychological stress play a role.

All adults aged 18 and over can participate in the study.

Course of the study

Participation in the survey is completely anonymous and consists of two parts, which last 60-90 minutes in total. In total, about two hours should be planned for the study. In the first part, participants are asked in an online questionnaire to provide information about themselves, their living and working situation, their personality and their behavior. The questions refer to the general situation as well as to the current Corona Period. In many cases it is asked to indicate agreement to different statements. There is no right or wrong answer. It is therefore requested to answer honestly and spontaneously. In the second part 9 tasks on memory, attention, logic and spatial orientation are to be completed.

Participants have 3 days to complete both parts of the study. In order to be able to use the data for our study, it is requested that both parts of the study are processed completely.

The survey will be repeated at intervals of one month. Further measurements will take place 2 months after the end of the corona restrictions and 1 year later.

By participating in this study, the participants will gain insight into current psychological research and support the exploration of the effects and challenges of the current restrictions caused by the corona virus SARS-CoV-2, making an important contribution to gain insights for possible later reoccurrence of restrictions in social, professional and emotional areas.

After successful participation in all measurements, participants have the opportunity to view their results and compare them to their age group.

Principle Investigator: Dr. Marlen Schmicker (DZNE Magdeburg)
Start of the study: April 2020
Status: recruiting completed, data acquisition in progress

Study Coordination / Project Management

Dr. Marlen Schmicker
+49 391 67-24595

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