ApoE Navi

Influences of the APOE-ε4 genotype and other Alzheimer´s disease related genes on spatial navigation


The main aim is to investigate the relationship between navigation deficits and grid-cell like activation, and the influence of body-based cues on navigation performance and grid-cell like activation in APOE-ε4 allele carriers

Background and aims

In our previous study, we demonstrate that young people who are at high risk for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD; i.e. APOE-ε4 allele gene carriers) exhibited reduced grid-cell like representation during spatial navigation task (Kunz et al., 2015). Yet, it remains unknown the underlying cause for this reduction. Thus, the present study aims to employ both behavioural and neuroimaging techniques to investigate the underlying cause of the navigation deficits in APOE-ε4 allele carriers. Furthermore, it also aims to identify additional novel genes that might play a role in spatial navigation in humans and how they contribute as an early risk factor for AD. This study will help to develop simple but sensitive behavioural indicator for early detection of AD, and to improve navigation abilities in the AD population.

Course of the study

3 visits (1 visit per day):

Day 1:train to perform an object-localization task in the virtual environment
(appr. 2.5 hours).
Day 2
(next day after visit 1)
object-localization task during MR imaging
(appr. 2.5 hours)
Day 3:behavioural spatial updating task
(appr.2.5 hours)
Day 4:repetition of measurement from test day 2 if necessary
(appr.2.5 hours)


Principle investigators: Dr. Xiaoli Chen, Dr. Hwee-ling Lee
Start of the study: 2018
Status: mono centric (DZNE Bonn), ongoing, recruiting active

Yilmaz Sagik
+49 228 43302 871


Thursdays 1:30-4:30 pm

Patients +49 800-7799001

(free of charge)

Professionals +49 180-779900

(9 Cent/Min. German landline, mobile and out of Germany possibly more expensive)

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