Systems Medicine

Looking at the big picture

How are different disease mechanisms related to each other, how do they condition each other? This question is at the heart of systems medicine, and at the DZNE researchers use the latest high-tech methods to get to the bottom of them. To do this, experts from the life and medical sciences work closely with specialists from the data sciences and mathematical modelling.

Together, they look for conspicuous patterns: for example, they collect the data of thousands of cells and their changes - and evaluate them with methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning. In this way, patterns can be found that appear in many disease processes and provide clues as to what is actually happening at the molecular level.

This work with large amounts of data is an important step on the way to precision medicine: In the future, it should be possible to develop a customised therapy for each patient. It will be adapted to the individual clinical picture and the genetic predispositions and thus be particularly effective. The researchers from systems medicine are laying the foundation for this with their work.

Systems medicine is based at the DZNE site Bonn.

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