Prof. Dr. Thomas Gasserthomas.gasser(at) 7071 29-86529

Head of MRI imaging

Prof. Dr. Ester Kühnesther.kuehn(at) 7071 9254 150


The coordinator supports the preparation of new studies and the optimisation of processes in the field of clinical research at the site as well as cross-site studies. Supervision of employees is as much a part of her job as quality management through the development, implementation and training of work instructions (SOPs) in your work area.

Dr. Inga Liepelt-Scarfone


+49 7071 29-80424

+49 7071 29-4490

Clinical Investigators

Our study physicians are in charge of the medical part of the studies. They inform the study participants about the studies, conduct anamnesis interviews, physical examinations, blood and nerve water sampling, skin biopsies and some of the cognitive tests.

Dr. Friedemann Benderfriedemann.bender(at) 7071 29-85247
Dr. Stefanie Hayerstefanie.hayer(at) 7071 29-82057
Dr. Anna Hofmannanna.hofman(at) 7071 29-86855
Dr. Christoph Keßlerchristoph.kessler(at) 7071 29-85653
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Matthias Munkmatthias.munk(at) +49 7071 29-82623
Dr. Oliver Preischeoliver.preische(at) 7071 29-85146
Melanie Wayandmelanie.wayand(at) 7071 29-85653
Dr. Carlo Wilkecarlo.wilke(at) 7071 29-82060
Dr. Isabel Wursterisabel.wurster(at) 7071 29-80171


Neuropsychology deals with the effects of brain diseases on cognitive and affective functional areas, which are mapped by means of standardised procedures.

Dr. Susanne Gräber-Sultansusanne.graeber-sultan(at) 7071 29-87606
Carolin Sanzenbachercarolin.sanzenbacher(at) 7071 9254-336
Lisa Graflisa.graf(at) 7071 29-82061

Study Nurses

The study assistants in clinical research primarily organise and coordinate the study-related procedures. This includes the collection (blood), first processing, storage and dispatch of biomaterial as well as the documentation of the collected data. The procedures are carried out according to standardised and carefully prepared work instructions (SOPs).

Elke Kuder-Bulettaelke.kuder-buletta(at) 7071 9254-337
Katrin Dillmannkatrin.dillmann-jehn(at) 7071 29-85653
Ella Hiltella.hilt(at) 7071 29-83272
Petra Hindererpetra.hinderer(at) 7071 9254-336
Doreen Müllerdoreen.mueller(at) 7071 29-85376
Ina Wolfstädterina.wolfstaedter(at) 7071 29-80472
Nicole Zweignicole.zweig(at) 7071 29-85375

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