Clinical Neurophysiology and Memory

Prof. Dr. Emrah Düzel

Group members





 Karen Müller-ZabelOffice Assistant Emrah Düzel

 Sabrina RädlerOffice Assistant Gedä
Dr.Michaela ButrynDoctor memory
Dr.Wenzel GlanzDoctor memory
Dr.Enise IncesoyDoctor memory
Dr.Kathrin BaldaufResearch
 Laura DobischResearch
 Xenia GrandeResearch Associate

 Anja Günther-KernResearch Associate

 Katja NeumannResearch
 Peter SchulzeResearch
 Renat YakupovResearch
 Ines BodewaldMTA
 Doreen Grieger-KloseMTA
 Deike HartmannMTA
 Anna Kutzleb   MTA
 Anica Luther    MTA
 Kerstin MöhringMTA

 Urte SchneiderMTA

 Franziska SchulzeMTA
 Christin RussMTA
Further group memebrs(university/third party funding)
 Bianca  DupréCoordinator
Dr.Julia RödigerCoordinator SFB

Dr.Dorothea HämmererPostdoc

Dr. Julia HenschkePostdoc

Dr.Esther Kü
Dr.Janelle PakanPostdoc

Dr.Judith WesenbergPostdoc

 Beatrice BarbazzeniResearch Associate

 Andreas BeckeResearch
 Nancy BusseResearch
 Selim CandanResearch
 Yi ChenResearch
 Juliane Döhler Research
 Jeremie GüstenResearch
 Avinash KalyaniResearch Associate

 Catleen KnapeResearch
 Christoph KnollResearch
 Friedrich KrohnResearch Associate

 Elisa LanciniResearch
 Peng LiuResearch Associate

 Kartazyna MygaResearch Associate

 Alicia NorthallResearch Associate

 Alan Tobias PriceResearch Associate

 Yeo Jin YiResearch Associate

 Ulrike PankratzMTA

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