Population & Clinical Neuroepidemiology

Dr. Dr. Ahmad Aziz

Group members

Dr. med.Berkan Koyak

Postdoctoral Researcher

 Xingwang Yang, MDPhD student xingwang.yang(at)dzne.de
 Peng Xu, MDPhD student 


 Richard Mantey, MScPhD studentrichard.mantey(at)dzne.de
 Maryam Touhidinia, MScPhD student


 Eva Saxler, MScPhD student


 Luise KrappenResearch Associate (Dr. med. student)luise.krappen@dzne.de
 Daniel RusmanResearch Associate (Dr. med. student)daniel.rusman@dzne.de
 Muhammad Ehsan UllahResearch Associate  
Dr.Jialu Hu, PhDPostdoctoral Researcherjialu.hu@dzne.de
Dr.Roohollah Sobhani, PhDResearch Technicianroohollah.sobhani(at)dzne.de
Past team members   
Dr.Fabienne Fox, PhDPhD student 
Prof. Dr.Michael WeissVisiting Senior Researcher 
 Dmitry MikhaylovResearch Associate (MSc student) 
 Dilshad MousaResearch Associate (Dr. med. student) 
 Isabel KleinResearch Associate (MSc student) 
 Lennart KochResearch Associate (MSc student) 
 Jeffrey UmotoyResearch Associate (MSc student) 

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