May 20, 2011: Jazz and Science at DZNE

The DZNE is promoting a series of lectures and concerts to drive attention to the link between brain plasticity and high-end mental endeavours such as arts and music, which could positively influence the course of neurodegeneration.  

What happens in your brain when you are listening to music or are playing an instrument? High-end auditorial stimulation such as music activates in parallel many regions of the brain.  The primary auditory cortex processes tone pitch and melody. Pursuant to increasing music experience the cells of the primary auditory cortex are modified and also regions of more distal brain areas such as the secondary auditory cortex or regions associated to procession of rhythm or harmony are affected. This so-called neuronal plasticity leads to a reorganisation of neurons within these areas and to the formation and consolidation of long-lasting memories. This explains why patients with dementia often recall melodies learned many years past.

Music can stimulate your brain to form long-lasting connections between brain cells and maintenance of connectivity prevents loss of brain function and degeneration. This can positively influence the course of neurodegeneration or delay onset of dementia.

To highlight the importance of brain plasticity and high-end mental endeavours as factors that may help delaying age-related dementia, the DZNE will host a series of lectures and concerts at the Forschungszentrum caesar auditorium in Bonn.

The first of these events on 20 May at 5:30pm will be introduced by Dr. Janice Weiner (USA General Consul), followed by a lecture on "Brain plasticity and neurodegeneration" given by the Scientific Director of DZNE, Prof. Pierluigi Nicotera. A Jazz concert with three musicians from the New York Juilliard School of Dance Drama and Music and the “Hochschule für Musik und Tanz” in Cologne will conclude the evening programme.

After the “Jazz exploration” all guests are cordially invited for refreshment and to meet the DZNE scientists and the Musicians.

c/o Forschungszentrum caesar
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2
53175 Bonn
Date:Mai 20, 2011
Time:5:30 pm
Registration:We kindly ask for registration via Fax until May 16, 2011
Participation is free of charge

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