Council of the DZNE

The DZNE Council consists of the German Federal State and the "Laender" where the partner centers are located and is chaired by a Federal Government representative. The Council oversees the activities of the DZNE and reports to the Federal Government and the State Governments. The fundamental structures of the DZNE are determined by the Council: firstly, it holds responsibility for all decision-making concerning amendments to the DZNE constitution; secondly, its approval on all medium to long-term strategic planning (and planning focus) is required. Furthermore, the Council decides on all membership issues, such as the affiliation or separation of partner institutes and the convocation and dismissal of the executive board and the members of the senate. Finally, it is incumbent upon the Council to approve any central transactions, particularly those of substantial financial significance. The Council meets twice a year.

Members of the Council


The Senate of DZNE is an advisory body composed by world leading scientists. The Senate reviews the scientific plan and the yearly progress of DZNE. Members of the Senate are appointed by the DZNE Council for a term of four years. The Senate meets at least twice a year and provides recommendations to the Executive Board and Council on all significant scientific and programme-related DZNE issues.

Members of the Senate

Strategy Board

The Strategy Board of the DZNE is composed of the speakers from each DZNE site and the DZNE Executive Board.

Members of the strategy board


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