DZNE is part of four Excellence Clusters

In the fourth round of the Excellence Initiative, our university cooperation partners successfully performed. These clusters of excellence, with the participation of the DZNE, received a new funding commitment. This opens up excellent research opportunities for all participants.

The DZNE is partner of the following clusters:

Berlin: NeuroCure - The focus of the cluster is on research into neurological and psychiatric diseases. The aim is a better understanding of disease mechanisms and the development of new therapies.

Bonn: ImmunoSensation - ImmunoSensation is dedicated to the research of innate immunity beyond the boundaries of classical immunology.

Göttingen: Multiscale Bioimaging -From Molecular Machines to Networks of Excitable Cells - The aim is to understand the structural and resulting functional properties of excitable cells in the heart and brain over several length scales.

Munich: SyNergy - Focus is the research of neurological diseases and the development of new therapy options.

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