Online study to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of a multimodal online exercise program for elderly adults


The DZNE Dresden is investigating the feasibility and effectiveness of a six-week multimodal online program with music, movement and mindfulness exercises for people aged 60 - 80 years.

Background and aims

About one third of all Alzheimer's cases worldwide are attributed to potentially modifiable risk factors such as physical, mental and social inactivity.

The "Brain Resilience" working group at the DZNE Dresden is investigating physical, mental and emotional risk factors for dementia. Targeted lifestyle programs offer the opportunity to change these risk factors in a targeted manner and thus prevent dementia diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

For this reason, we have developed the multimodal online exercise program "REMINDer" especially for elderly people. This program includes targeted music, movement and mindfulness exercises for the holistic promotion of body, brain and mind in old age. Participants in the REMINDer study have the opportunity to take part in the six-week online exercise program free of charge.

The results of the study will be used to research and further develop effective and easily accessible programs to promote health in old age and prevent dementia. Online interventions have great potential to provide everyday and personal support for elderly people.


As part of the REMINDer study, participation in the online exercise program is offered in a group with other participants. The REMINDer program combines motor, mental, sensory, emotional and social stimulation in order to promote the natural plasticity (so-called malleability) of the brain. The multimodal training requires no previous experience and is led by trained trainers.

The online exercise program comprises a total of 12 sessions that take place over 6 weeks (2 × 60 min per week). Most of the exercises are performed sitting or standing and involve light to moderate physical activity. Participation takes place via video conference from the comfort of your own home; a visit to a study center is not necessary.

Study participation

Persons are eligible to participate:

  • between 60 and 80 years of age
  • in age-related retirement
  • without current impairments or illnesses that restrict or prevent participation in the online exercise program

Important requirements are:

  • Access to the internet, a personal email address and a digital device with speakers, screen and camera (computer, laptop or tablet)
  • Sufficient space in the home (approx. 2m × 2m)
  • sufficient time for the online surveys and online training

Course of the study

The REMINDer study takes place exclusively online. The study team will be available by telephone to answer questions before and during the study. The following procedure is planned:

  • After comprehensive study information and written consent to participate in the study, a telephone interview will take place. This serves to check the suitability for the study, clarify questions and provide information on the study procedure.
  • An initial online survey with various questionnaires must then be completed. Depending on the randomly assigned study group, a 6-week online program or a 6-week break will follow.
  • This is followed by a second online survey, after which either a 6-week break or a 6-week online exercise program must be completed, depending on the group.
  • Finally, all participants complete a third online survey.

Principle Investigators: 
Dr. habil. Dipl.-Psych. Miranka Wirth
PD Dr. Olga Klimecki
Start of the study: Spring 2024
Status: ongoing, recruiting active

Study coordination / Project management

Selina Stamer
+49 170 4422068

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