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National Neuroimaging Network

Mission Statement

The goal of the National Neuroimaging Network is to improve dementia diagnostics through innovation, quality control and high standards. Our nationwide network, with its various locations and its nationwide partners, especially the university hospitals, is an ideal platform for this.

The National Neuroimaging Network unites experts in imaging with expertise in the areas of imaging, data analysis, imaging modalities and computation. This cooperation is a prerequisite for DZNE's "Multicenter Studies": it ensures the highest possible data quality in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other imaging procedures, which is the most comprehensive.

A coordination team ensures that processes are continuously optimized and that all adjustments are applied across all locations and cooperation partners.

Our Goals

The coordinators of the National Neuroimaging Network ensure that uniform standards are maintained and further developed in all areas of DZNE imaging, across all sites. The focus here is on:

  1. Continuous innovation
  2. Optimization and standardization of MR imaging protocols
  3. Study-specific guides for MR imaging
  4. Quality control

Participating Sites

Different sites - unified protocols

Our cross-site imaging protocols are already being used in clinical trials of the DZNE. Hereby we guarantee unified and comparable results - regardless at which site the study took place.

A total of eleven 3-Tesla MRI systems, two 7-Tesla MRI systems and two hybrid imaging systems from MRI and positron emission tomography (PET) are available for this purpose.

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