Your Discovery Services for Innate Immunity

immunX® is an innovative platform using an ex-vivo human PBMC assay combined with automation, imaging and computational methods to systemically profile the human innate immune system at basal level and in response to different stimuli.

Combine for the best results

immunX® is combining the classic homogenous analysis with deep high-content phenotyping to achieve the best characterization of your samples. Our data goes form cytokine release to single cell analysis. Our data analysis workflow makes use of machine learning and AI algorithms and produces information rich results thought easily interpretable.

One technology many applications!

immunX® delivers superior results in the areas of: drug discovery, biomarker studies, patient stratification or safety assessment.

immunX® will support your research giving you a depth of analysis not reachable with other technologies.

Look no further, use our Set-of-3!

Tired of testing PBMC samples for your experiments? We offer to you a choice of qualified samples that are matched to a real population database. immunX® identifies donors with high, medium und low response ranges within a stratified population. Look no further and stop wasting time in testing PBMC samples!

Our Team

We have assembled a team composed of experienced scientists with background from academia and industry. Our team is dynamic, inter-disciplinary and highly motivated. We will be pleased to support you throughout the accomplishment of your project. 

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