Image and Data Analysis Facility (IDAF)

Dr. David Hecker
Service Leader Image and Data Analysis
+49 228 43302-638

The Image and Data Analysis Facility (IDAF) provides service and support for all issues related to image analysis, data processing and statistics:

  • We provide image analysis software and teach you how to use it
  • We consult you how to analyze your data
  • We develop customized software plugins for you

Our interdisciplinary team has a broad scientific and technical background in microscopy, image analysis, statistics, modelling and computer science.  

Software and Assistant booking (DZNE only)

Become an IDAF User

  1. Contact IDAF.
  2. Personal meeting with IDAF staff to discuss the project (biological question, type of microscopy/other kind of imaging) and to explain the booking/charging system.
  3.  Agree and sign the rules. For code development service or image analysis service.
  4. The user and the IDAF employee in charge agree on the specifications of the project.
  5. Make an appointment for a personal training session for the particular software.

Group Members






Carmen Rudert

Office Assistant


 Ismot Jerin    Data Scientist and Scientific Software Developerismot.jerin(at)
Dr.Yoland SavriamaData Scientist and Scientific Software


Commercial Software:

Due to licensing issues all commercial software is only available to employees of DZNE.

  1. Imaris: 3D rendering and analysis of 3D fluorescence microscopy data
  2. Amira: 3D rendering and analysis of MRI and fluorescence microscopy data
  3. Volocity: Analysis of 3D fluorescence microscopy data
  4. Definiens Developer: Segmentation and classification of 2D/3D/4D microscopy data
  5. Definiens Tissue Studio: Segmentation and classification of 2D histological microscopy data
  6. Metamorph: filtering and basic image analysis of microscopy data
  7. Genedata Screener: Quality control and data mining of high content screening projects
  8. The Unscrambler: Visualization and mining of multivariate statistical data
  9. Columbus: Segmentation and classification of 2D microscopy data
  10. Huygens: Deconvolution of 3D fluorescence microscopy data

Prerequisites for commercial software usage:

Free software:

We give support for following open source packages

  1. ImageJ (Fiji): Image file conversion, fast filtering, broad range of 2D and 3D image analysis 
  2. Cell Profiler: Segmentation and classification of 2D microscopy data, also available on the cluster for high performance computing.


IDAF Workstation: High performance workstation with pre-installed image analysis software.


One advice beforehands: 
Our doors are always open. Please contact us before acquiring the whole dataset. This allows you to optimize your imaging for the subsequent analysis. 

The better your imaging settings fit to your analysis – the smaller your error bars!

Development of customized image analysis routines

We develop customized scripts for complex image analysis tasks on following platforms:

  • Matlab
  • ImageJ 
  • Imaris
  • Definiens (only for DZNE scientists)

Please contact us to discuss your project and to define your specific needs.

We provide consulting for image and data analysis.
We propose to  book an IDAF assistant to discuss following questions:

  • What quantitative imaging method should I apply to address my biological question? 
  • How do I optimize my imaging conditions for the subsequent analysis? 
  • What kind of software can I use for that?
  • How can I statistically analyze my data coming out of the image analysis?

Analysis Service

As the full-service package, we provide complete analysis from image raw data to statistical plots. 

If you are interested in this service, please contact us before image acquisition to discuss optimal imaging conditions for the respective analysis.

Terms of Use and Prices

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