'Proteolysis at the membrane – from signaling to disease'

May 13th - 16th 2024, Kloster Seeon

Scientific aim of the meeting

Scientific background

Proteolysis at or within the membrane is a fundamental cellular mechanism to control the function and abundance of membrane proteins, both at the cell surface and in organelles. This form of proteolysis is essential for cell homeostasis (e.g. quality control) and communication of cells with their environment (e.g. signal transduction), but also contributes to numerous disease conditions, such as inflammation, cancer and neurodegeneration. Several drugs targeting proteolysis at the membrane have advanced into clinical trials, for example in Alzheimer’s disease (targeting TREM2) and inflammation (e.g. gp130), but some drugs (e.g. BACE inhibitors) show side effects that need to be overcome before their clinical tests can continue.

The conference will focus on ectodomain shedding (ADAM, BACE, MMP proteases), intramembrane proteolysis (gamma-secretase, rhomboids, SPPL-proteases, S1P/S2P-proteases, signal-peptidase), protease “modulators” (such as tetraspanins and iRhoms) and inhibitors, substrate biology, proteolytic quality control as well as on therapeutic approaches.

Goals and participants

The overall goal of the meeting is to discuss outstanding new scientific findings and exciting new developments regarding the function, regulation and therapeutic potential of proteolysis at the membrane. The meeting covers basic and applied science as well as translation to patients and brings together around 120 young and established scientists from academia, pharma, biotech and medicine. The meeting is intended as the first of a series of meetings on this topic (to be held every other year) and provides a place for excellent new science and also for community building in the exciting field of proteolysis at the membrane.

Please find the preliminary program here


Confirmed Speakers and session chairs

Keynote speaker: Christian Haass, University of Munich, Germany

Angela Bachi, IFOM, Italy
Christoph Becker-Pauly, University of Kiel, Germany
Stephen Blacklow, Harvard University, USA
Carl Blobel, HSS, Weill Cornell Medical School, USA
Paola Bovolenta, CBM CSIC, Spain
Bart de Strooper, KU Leuven, Belgium
Laura Dominguez, University of Mexico, Mexico
Matthew Freeman, University of Oxford, UK
Thomas Langer, Max-Plank-Institute Cologne, Germany
Marius Lemberg, University of Cologne, Germany
Joanne Lemieux, University of Alberta, Canada
Paul Meakin, University of Leeds, UK
Stefan Rose-John, University of Kiel, Germany
Paul Saftig, University of Kiel, Germany
Bernd Schröder, TU Dresden, Germany
Harald Steiner, DZNE, Germany
Kvido Strisovsky, IOCB Prag, Czechia
Michael Tomlinson, University of Birmingham, UK
Robert J Vassar, Northwestern University, USA
Riqiang Yan, University of Connecticut, USA


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Please notice: At the moment we have more registrations than available places. You can still register, we have a waiting list. .

Early registration until 31th January 2024

After registering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail specifying the bank account to which the registration fee needs to be transferred. Once your fee is received, you are finally registered.

Early registration fee per person is 770 € and includes accommodation and meals. In case of cancellation of participation until 29th February 2024, the registration fee is fully refundable. After 29th February 2024 a refund of the registration fee is no longer possible.

Registration fee after 31th January 2024 is 850 €.

Travel Fellowships

We will likely have the chance to award a limited number of travel fellowships for young overseas participants presenting a poster or an oral presentation. Please indicate within the registration form whether you would like to be considered for a travel fellowship.

Poster and Oral Presentation (Deadline for Abstract Submission: January 25th 2024)

Posters: Please indicate in the registration form whether you would like to present a poster. (Size: Portrait, Din A0 84,1 x 118,9 cm)

Flash Talks: If you would like your poster to be considered for a flash talk (2 minutes w/o discussion, max. 2 slides) please indicate this on the registration form.

Oral Presentation: We have several slots for oral presentations. (12 Minutes and discussion) to be selected from submitted abstracts. If you would like to give an oral presentation, please submit your abstract of the work to be presented until January 25th within the registration process. You can also send an email with your abstract to secretase-meeting(at)dzne.de.
We will selected among the abstracts the speakers and will inform those in February. 

Organized by
Stefan Lichtenthaler
DZNE & Technical University Munich

Lucia Chavez-Gutierrez
KU Leuven

Colin Adrain
Queen's University Belfast


Key dates of the program

Start of the meeting: May 13, 2024, 2pm 
End of the meeting: May 16, 2024, 2pm

Venue and accommodation

Kloster Seeon
Klosterweg 1
83370 Seeon (100km east of Munich)

Travel information

The next airport is Munich airport and is 110 km away from the conference site.
There will be a shuttle bus from the airport to the conference site and back.

Departure times of the shuttle bus from/to the airport
 May 13, 2024 10.00 am
 May 13, 2024 12 pm/noon
 May 16, 2024 1.30 pm (lunchbox)
 May 16, 2024 2.30 pm (lunch at the conference site)

You may also come to the shuttle bus at Munich central station

Departure times of the shuttle bus from/to Munich central station
 May 13, 2024 11.30 am

May 16, 2024 2.30 pm (lunch at the conference site)



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