Member of State Parliament Guido Déus (CDU) takes part in second phase examinations of the Rhineland Study

Last fall marked the start of the second phase of the Bonn-based Rhineland Study. Member of State Parliament and former mayor of Bonn-Beuel Guido Déus (CDU) is among the participants of this population study. On March 16th, he visited the DZNE's study center in Beuel and took part in several examinations. Representatives of the local media accompanied him during a check of grip strength and an eye examination which included a scan of the retina.

Afterwards, Guido Déus had the opportunity to talk with Prof. Monique Breteler, Director of Population Health Sciences and Head of the Rhineland Study, and Dr. Sabine Helling-Moegen, Administrative Director of the DZNE.

Report by Bonner General Anzeiger from March 17th (in German only)

The DZNE's Rhineland Study

The Rhineland Study is one of the most innovative and largest population studies worldwide, involving more than 20,000 adults from Bonn and the surrounding area: Over decades, their health development is precisely recorded and documented. More than 10,000 Bonn residents have already participated in the first round of the Rhineland Study, which started in 2016 and is currently still ongoing. In parallel, the DZNE began the second round in October last year.

Every three years, every single participant is examined for seven hours, from questions about lifestyle to cognitive tests and blood and urine samples to a brain scan in a magnetic resonance scanner. From these many thousands of snapshots, the scientists piece together a picture of how hereditary predispositions, lifestyle habits and environmental influences interact when neurodegenerative diseases develop.

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