Dementia-friendly architecture, urban environments and places designed for people living with dementia

Background and research question

The German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases e. V. (DZNE) in Witten, Germany, is currently conducting research on how the built environment (e.g. architecture, urban environments, and places designed for people living with dementia) can be created to be dementia-friendly. But:

  • What does that actually mean: dementia-friendly space?
  • Is there a need for such space at all? If so, what does it look like?
  • And what criteria does this imply for the design and spatial planning?

This is what we are exploring in the study "Plan:D".

We are conducting interviews with experts who are involved in design, planning, or design processes of dementia-friendly built environments, and who already have some experience with a specific spatial planning/design project for people living with dementia, regardless of whether the project has actually been realized.

Study design

  1. 1) Get in touch: If you like to support our research, by taking part in the interview, please feel free to write us an email or give us a call (see below).

    2) Informed consent and data protection: We will send you information material about the study, and an informed consent form for participation and for data protection, and will arrange an appointment for the interview together.

    3) The interview: The principal investigator will ask you interview questions, e.g., about possible basic principles that you, as a planning stakeholder, follow when you are designing, planning or creating a dementia-friendly built environment.

    The results of the interviews will be analyzed and will be included in the scientific study "Plan:D".

Further information: Study Flyer


If you have questions or are interested to participate in the interview, please call us:

Phone: +49 2302 926 245

Or write an e-mail to:



Dr. Saskia Kuliga


Stockumer Str. 12
58453 Witten

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