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    New perspectives for neurodegenerative diseases

    16th March, 2017


    Source: DZNE/foerger

    German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
    DZNE lecture hall (ground floor)
    c/o University Clinic Bonn
    Building #99
    Sigmund-Freud-Straße 27
    53127 Bonn, Germany



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  • Programm


    09:00 - WELCOME, Pierluigi Nicotera

    09:15 - Tackling dementia – the UK strategic approach, Robin Buckle (MRC, London)

    10:00 - The cellular phase of Alzheimer’s disease, Bart De Strooper (DRI, London)

    10:45 - Coffee break (Foyer)

    11:15 - Alzheimer's disease, can we change the trajectory? Philippe Amouyel (Univerity of Lille, France) 

    12:00 - Developing Better Treatments for Alzheimer’s Disease: The Long and Short of It, Lennart Mucke (Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco)

    12:45 - Luchbreak

    13:30 - Alterations in Ca2+ Signaling in Mouse Models of Familial Alzheimer Disease, Tullio Pozzan (CNR, Rome)

    14:15 -  Advancing the US National Plan to Address AD and related dementias through international collaborations, Eliezer Masliah (NIA, Bethesda)

    15.00 - Coffee break (Foyer)

    15:30 - Views for collaboration between pharmaceutical industry and academia, Antti Haapalinna (Orion Pharma, Helsinki)

    16:15 - Wrap up and end of session

  • Speakers


    • Philippe Amouyel (Univerity of Lille, France)
    • Robin Buckle (MRC, London)
    • Eliezer Masliah (NIA, Bethesda)
    • Lennart Mucke (Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco)
    • Tullio Pozzan (CNR, Rome)
    • Bart De Strooper (DRI, London)
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