Big Data for Drug Discovery

Within the framework of the Big Data Initiative of the Federal Government the DZNE is a project partner in the BMBF project HUMIT (Human-centered support of incremental-interactive data integration using the example of high-throughput processes in the life sciences). With the advent of different technologies used in early drug discovery ranging from High Content to omics techniques a vast amount of heterogeneous data is generated. Additionally, we are experiencing a growing amount of information of experimental and clinical data within an increasing number of public available databases. The availability of such large and heterogeneous amount of data opens the possibility to use this knowledge to advance and complement the early phase of drug discovery and biomarker research.

Towards this end together with the Fraunhofer IME ScreeningPort Partner, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and Soventec the DZNE developed a work frame concept and an informatics platform to support the early drug discovery process named HUMIT. To our knowledge HUMIT is the only big data project in the life sciences to date addressing this aspect. Our development focuses on giving scientists a tool to rapidly and seamlessly integrate a large number of heterogeneous data. The results of such integration are then presented to the scientists for further analysis and interpretation.

HUMIT represent an important step in leveraging heterogeneous data in early drug discovery and at the DZNE we are looking forward to use it in our early drug discovery pipeline.


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