Microdissection Microscope

The microdissection technology uses a strong laser beam to cut areas of interest out of a tissue section and thereby allows contact- and contamination-free collection of specific tissue, cells, or subcellular structures. Precise definition of the cut areas provides accurate DNA, RNA, and protein isolation or selection of single cells for monoclonal cell cultures.

PALM Microdissection

PALM Microdissection

Our setup from Zeiss combines laser microdissection with optical tweezers (combi system). This combi system applies a strong UV laser (355 nm) for microdissection whereas an infrared laser (1064 nm) is used as optical tweezers. The optical tweezers allow contact free manipulation of cells as well as trapping and moving of microscopic particles such as beads or subcellular structures. The setup is built on a motorized inverted microscope with two cameras, a high sensitive black an white camera and a color camera. Various dish/slide holders and cab/tube collectors are available.


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