DZNE Patient Advisory Board

The aim of the DZNE Patient Advisory Board is to promote awareness of disease-related issues that need to be researched and addressed within the DZNE mission. The Advisory Board advises the DZNE Board and DZNE scientists on issues related to the further integration of patients into society and the avoidance of their stigmatization, as well as on health issues that can be improved through medical interventions or care approaches. The board advocates for the cause of neurodegenerative diseases and DZNE research to the public, policy makers and the media. The goal is to integrate the patient voice into core research activities and to work together to increase society's awareness of all issues related to neurodegenerative diseases. The Board is composed of affected individuals and representatives of patient organizations, elects its own chairperson, and meets with the DZNE Board at least twice a year. The Board is supported by the DZNE in all necessary functions.



Dr. Jörg Karenfort is a lawyer and partner in an international law firm. He founded the YUVEDO Foundation together with entrepreneur Jens Greve in response to his diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. In doing so, he wants to make his contribution to further and more targeted research and better care for people with Parkinson's and other neurodegenerative diseases. For him, research into the causes, especially with a with focus on possible environmental influences or climate change, the consistent use of patient data and new technologies, and the right incentive structures for researchers and pharmaceutical companies play an essential role.

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YUVEDO Foundation



Helga Rohra is an interpreter and was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia 12 years ago. Immediately after the diagnosis, her commitment to dementia began - nationally and internationally.
She was the first patient with dementia on the board of an Alzheimer Society in Germany, is chair and founding member of EWGPWD (European Working Group of People With Dementia) Brussels / Luxembourg under the umbrella organization Alzheimer Europe, is a member of the Expert Advisory Board of WHO - Brain Health Unit and has published several books on dementia. She is also active online through her website



Monika Kaus has been actively involved with the topic of Alzheimer's since her mother became ill in the 1990s and was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2000. Since 1999, Monika Kaus has been a member of the Alzheimer Society Wiesbaden, where she was an honorary board member from 2005 to 2009. Since 2006 she supports the umbrella organization of the German Alzheimer Society as treasurer, since 2015 she is also the first chairwoman there. Furthermore, Monika Kaus is a founding member of the Dementia Forum of the city of Wiesbaden and is active in two working groups there, "Public Relations" and "Care".



Dirk Schwier is a project manager for development projects and a member of the municipal council of a small town. He is married and the father of two children. Since his family is affected by the familial, hereditary form of early Alzheimer's disease (EOAD) and his father was a proven gene carrier, he signed up as a participant for the DIAN study.
As one of 3 children, he has followed his father's dementia for over 11 years and knows how the image of a loved one living next to you slowly fades and becomes blurred. Dirk Schwier is certain: The goal must be to support the lives of patients and relatives in such a way that a dignified and good life with dementia is possible in the midst of our society....

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