Diana Trutschel, bioinformatics

key activities

  • statistical data analysis of studies
  • descriptive and explorative statistical approaches
  • univariate and multivariate methods
  • linear regression and mixed models
  • longitudinal and  cluster-randomized studies
  • programs: R, SPSS
  • advice in experimental design, sample size calculation and application of programing languages


Dichter, M., Quasdorf, T., Schwab, C. G. G., Trutschel, D., Haastert, B., Riesner, C., et al. (2015). Dementia Care Mapping: Effects on resident’s quality of life and challenging behavior in German nursing homes. A quasi-experimental trial. International Psychogeriatrics. I3:1-18. PMID: 26138674

books and chapters

oral presentations and posters




Diana Trutschel (research associate)
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Stockumer Str. 12
D-58453 Witten

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