Structure of the DZNE site Bonn

Site representative on the Strategy Board
Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke

Research Groups:

Cryo-electron microscopy and tomography
Dr. Ashraf Al-Amoudi

Ageing and neurodegeneration
Dr. Daniele Bano

Axon Growth and Regeneration
Prof. Dr. Frank Bradke

Rhineland Study
Prof. Dr. Dr. Monique M. B. Breteler

Ubiquitin signalling
Dr. Meike Broemer

Dr. Melania Capasso

Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection in Parkinson's Disease
Prof. Donato Di Monte

Demographic Studies
Prof. Dr. Gabriele Doblhammer-Reiter

Molecular and Cellular Cognition
Dr. Dan Ehninger

Systems Phenomics
Dr. Eugenio Fava

Neuroimmunology and Imaging
Dr. Martin Fuhrmann

Microglia and Neuroinflammation
Dr. Annett Halle

Pharmacoepidemiology in Neurodegenerative Disorders
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Britta Hänisch

Experimental Neurophysiology
Prof. Dr. Dirk Isbrandt

Selective Vulnerability of Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr. Walker Jackson

Patient Studies
Prof. Dr. Thomas Klockgether

Regulatory RNA-protein interactions in neurodegenerative diseases
Dr. Sybille Krauß

Structural Principles of Neurodegeneration
Prof. Dr. Eckhard Mandelkow

Cell and Animal Models of Neurodegeneration
Dr. Eva-Maria Mandelkow

Statistics and machine learning
Dr. Sach Mukherjee

Synaptic Connectivity and Neurodegeneration
Prof. Dr. Dr. Pierluigi Nicotera

Neurovascular Diseases
 Prof. Dr. Gabor Petzold

Neuronal Networks
Prof. Dr. Stefan Remy

Image Analysis
Prof. Dr. Martin Reuter

Translational Dementia Research
Prof. Dr. Anja Schneider

United Epigenomic Plattform
Prof. Dr. Joachim L. Schultze

MR Physics
Prof. Dr. Tony Stöcker

Prion and Prion-like diseases
Priv. Doz. Dr. Erdem Tamguney

Neuronal circuits dynamics
Prof. Dr. Gaia Tavosanis

Prion Cell Biology
Prof. Dr. Ina Vorberg

Cooperation Units:

Prof. Dr. Henning Boecker
University Hospital Bonn
Leader Clinical Functional Neuroimaging

Prof. Dr. Michael Heneka
University Hospital Bonn
Department of Neurology

Prof. Dr. Frank Jessen
University Hospital Cologne
Director Clinic of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz
University Hospital Bonn
Director of Institute of Innate Immunity

Prof. Dr. Michael Wagner
University Hospital Bonn
Leading Psychologist at Clinic for Psychatry and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Ullrich Wüllner
University Hospital Bonn
Leader Genebank Parkinson´s disease (GEPARD)