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101. Publications  
102. Research areas/focus  
Memory-driven computing is a paradigm shift, that puts memory at the center of the compute infrastructure to support todays data-driven applications. System components are connected through a…  
103. Clinical Research Platform CRP  
Clinical Research Platform The multi-site studies of the DZNE are supported and coordinated by the Clinical Research Platform (CRP) at the Centre for Clinical Research in Bonn. Within the clinical…  
104. Coordinators  
105. Trials  
Trials Our cross-site protocols have already been used in clinical trials of the DZNE. In this way, we guarantee uniform and comparable results - regardless of which of the participating locations…  
106. Site Dresden  
Clinical research at the Dresden site The clinical research in Dresden focuses on the role of resilience mechanisms for the transition from healthy ageing to the onset of neurodegenerative…  
107. Telephone campaign with Bonn General-Anzeiger on Alzheimer's  
Telephone campaign with Bonn General-Anzeiger on Alzheimer's Am I just a little forgetful, or am I having dementia? Is it possible to reduce the risk of being affected by Alzheimer's disease? These…  
108. Group members  
Group members Title Name Position/Activities Contact Dr. Besnik Muqaku Postdoc besnik.muqaku@dzne.de  
109. Group members  
Group members Title Name Position/Activities Contact Dr. Jennifer Faber Clinical Researcher / Research Associate …  
110. Research areas/focus  
Areas of investigation/research focus Diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases and monitoring of disease progression is mainly based on clinical symptoms. This is hampered by the symptomatic overlap…  
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