Prof. Dr. Mikael +49 89 4400-46495
Prof. Dr. Johannes Levin
+49 89 4400-46465

Schedule Coordination

Francesca 89 4400-46698+49 89 4400-46565

Clinical Investigators

Our clinical investigators are in charge of the medical part of the studies. They inform the study participants about the studies, conduct anamnesis interviews, physical examinations, blood and nerve water sampling, skin biopsies and some of the cognitive tests. Due to the presence of a physician during the study-related procedures, medical emergency care of the study participants is always guaranteed.

Dr. Alexander 89 4400-46486
Dr. Jonas 89 4140-9377
Dr. Urban 89 4400-73674
Dr. Daniel 89 4400-46049
Sabrina 89 4400-46191
Dr. Thomas Kö 89 4400-46469
Dr. Sylvia Maaß 89 4400-46455
Dr. Georg Nü 89 4400-46458
Dr. Carla 
Catharina 89 4400-73671
Olivia 89 4400-73671
Dr. Endy 89 4400-46464


Our neuropsychologists are trained to thoroughly examine the many aspects of mental performance. For example, memory performance is recorded using different procedures that are carried out according to uniform rules. They help all study participants to achieve the best possible results in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, as this is the only way to ensure that these results reflect their current capabilities.

Anna Garcia 89 4400-46458

Study Nurses

The study nurses organize, coordinate and carry out study-related procedures and support the study physicians in e. g. nerve water sampling and skin biopsies. The processing and storage of biomaterial is just as much a part of the range of activities as the documentation of the collected data. The study-related procedures are carried out according to standardized and documented procedures (SOPs).

Almut 89 4400-57006
Mira 89 4400-73672
Selim Gürselselim.gü 89 4400-55862
Siri Houeland di 89 4400-46458
Melanie Linkemelanie.linke 89 4400-46452
Yvonne 89 4400-46455
Nina 89 4400-72924

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