Collaboration with industry

DZNE encourages the transfer of knowledge and technologies and collaboration with industry to ensure that its discoveries can be quickly transfer to improve public health and health care practises.

Technology and knowledge transfer is not a unidirectional flow and collaboration with industrial partners is often a true partnership to develop tools that can be widely used in a pre-competitive environment. In addition, focused collaborations with industrial partners can lead to the development of new therapies or diagnostic tools.  Currently, DZNE is developing a network of collaborations with industry aimed to develop better endpoints for clinical trials, disease animal models and discover and validate biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases.

Collaboration agreements and MTA

The DZNE will enter into collaborative research agreements with for-profit organisations when such agreements are within the scope and the scientific mission of the DZNE. Agreements will have to respect the fundamental principles of academic freedom.
For further information on industry collaborations, please contact the DZNE office for technology transfer (DZNE-TT), Dr. Bernadett Simon (bernadett.simon(at)