Making a bequest to benefit research

By making a bequest to the DZNE, you can continue supporting the fight against disease after your own life has ended. Such bequests can be set up in many different ways. In any case, to ensure that your last will and testament is valid, you must write it in your own handwriting and date and sign it. When a last will and testament is invalid, intestate succession automatically comes into force.

With a bequest, you can obligate your heirs to pay a defined cash amount from your estate to the DZNE. If you have no natural heirs, and would like to designate the DZNE as an heir or as your sole heir, we would be happy to advise you and recommend a lawyer located near you who specializes in inheritance law.

With a contract to the benefit of a third party, you can ensure that the assets remaining in your savings accounts or stock portfolios go directly to the DZNE after your demise. By doing so, you also ensure that such assets are not counted as part of your estate. For this procedure to function as intended, a key formality has to be fulfilled, however: the DZNE, as the beneficiary, has to officially accept and sign the contract.

Please note that with such a contract you continue to have full authority over your accounts/portfolios during your lifetime – you can even close them if you wish. All options thus remain open to you. You can obtain the necessary forms for a contract to the benefit of a third party from your bank.

Please contact us if you are considering a bequest to the DZNE.


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