Administrative Director

Dr. Sabine Helling-Moegen, LL. M.
Dr. Sabine Helling-Moegen became the Administrative Director of the DZNE on February 15, 2015. She studied law in Würzburg, Regensburg and Lisbon and completed her German legal education in 2000 with the second state exam. She earned a masters degree in European and international law at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, and got her doctorate at the German School for Administrative Sciences in Speyer. Her first position was in 2002 as executive assistant to the administrative director of the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. In 2006, she transitioned to the position of head of administration at the Helmholtz Association home office. There, she was not only responsible for administrative matters, but also for scientific political administrative issues within the association.  Her responsibilities also included project management for the development of the Helmholz-Academy for managers. In 2011 she became head of human resources for the finance and investment consulting company MLP AG in Wiesloch, near Heidelberg. Sabine Helling-Moegen is married with two children.    

André Pett
Executive Associate

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Nicole Saf
Office Manager

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Personal Assistant

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