Our strategy

Over its first five years the DZNE will establish its scientific and legal organisation and at the same time reach a top internationally competitive standard.

Our strategic aims include:

  1. to establish a functioning network between the different DZNE sites to create the added value that should characterize a national research institute,
  2. to select research themes, which will rapidly enable translation and most likely deliver significant health outcomes,
  3. to create an internationally competitive research institute with an environment that fosters the growth and development of young scientists,
  4. to develop an administrative infrastructure which enables research to flourish unhindered,
  5. to establish international collaborations with leading research organizations.

Research Priorities

  1. Unveiling mechanisms of disease and developing new experimental disease models.
  2. Study the balance between neuronal damage and repair.
  3. Identify new risk factors for neurodegeneration.
  4. Study the role of common risk factors including ageing, diabetes, and depression.
  5. Identify clinically relevant biomarkers.
  6. Place susceptibility genes in meaningful biochemical pathways.
  7. Develop new strategies to improve patient care and information of families and care givers.